Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tiny singer

One of the things I was doing in Norfolk was seeing Elton John. Professionally speaking, I mean. Seeing him professionally, and also, at a distance.

Which is, I guess, how professional relationships should work. Some people would disagree with that. Richard and Judy, for example. ANYWAY.

There is not much to say apart from: it was the kind of concert where you have to say 'OhmygodiLOVEthis' at the start of every song, and it was the kind of concert which builds to a tipping point (in this case, Crocodile Rock) where certain members of the audience shrug off the inhibitions of middle age and work out the creases in their slacks with some powerful moves. Shackles broken, their bravery is apparently limitless and they may even chance some direct physical contact.

Here are two sharing a moment during Sacrifice.

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