Sunday, 23 August 2009

Postcards from the weekend

I found this card tucked into the top of my seat at the Proms on Friday…

I'm in the slow readers' group when it comes to classical music. I don't know a lot. Although I know you're not meant to clap between movements of a symphony as this is a time that is reserved for coughing. I also know that I do not want classical music to be sexed up, solely to pique my interest further. But superheroed up, Lichtenstein-style? Oh yes.

Then there's this card that I found at Tea & Make, a cool craft event in south-east London full of idiosyncratic, wildly creative, quirkily stylish people – the kind I am constantly and disappointingly rediscovering I don't quite fit in with, instead having to content myself with throwing money at their work to try to make them like me, like some bloated Renaissance patron.

The Storkupine is part of a set of amazing animal hybrid creations from Garudio Studiage that also includes, among others, The Badgerigar, The Puffalo and The Stagpie. I like the fact you could tell a small child that this was a real creature that once walked the earth, before evolution dealt it a fatal blow, and they would totally believe you.


miss w said...

I can only assume that you will totally love these:

I had a 'Moosel' (half moose, half seal, obviously).

Miss Jones said...

Jealous! I TOTALLY wanted a Wuzzle. I would have been friends with you just to get closer to Moosel. Although I think I actually wanted Hoppopotamus. Or maybe it was Eleroo.

miss w said...

Yes, Moosel was definitely the poor hybrid-relation of the family.