Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Coded message

Take a word from the title of each of these songs, lovingly/ditheringly harvested from my iTunes library, and you will discover a hidden and historically significant message.

(I couldn't find an embeddable version of this.)

Heartbroken I couldn't find a full version of this. Well, heartbroken is a bit strong. Slightly frowny, perhaps.

Toss-up between this and this.


Mr Taylor said...

"Why Miss Jones is two hundred days old today?"
You can't fox me!
Mr T

PS: word verification today is 'mutfacke', I've never seen that combination of letters together before, but they look decidedly grubby and obscene...

Miss Jones said...

WRONG. You are WRONG, Mr T. I am Fantastic Why Miss Fox.

Alice said...
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miss w said...

'Tell you Crackity, a dirty 100 good here.'

No way!

Anonymous said...


And long, long may you blog and keep me entertained at work.


Mr Taylor said...

'Why Miss Jones is Two years old today?'

Doesn't time fly?

Lovely songs by the way. Have you thought about doing all your communicating in this fashion?

Anonymous said...

This is off the point - but love love love EELS. Have you seen him live? Best gig Rich and I have ever been to - if you get chance you should go. He played the documentary about his dad, the astrophysicist, beforehand, and that was fascinating and made the whole gig really personal and moving. Watch it if you get the chance. And his book is great too - think you would love it. If you haven't read it already!

Simon said...

I got as far as "Me don't crackity house..." and then gave up. Happy Birthday! x