Thursday, 16 February 2012


I'm going to be taking a little holiday from blogging – not the now-habitual week or two between posts, I mean a proper holiday for a few months. Look on it as the blogging equivalent of going travelling, only I'll still be here in southeast London, trying to sell my flat and buy another one and execute various other tedious chores. I suspect once I've told myself – and you – that there'll be no blogging for a while, I won't be able to help myself, but who knows. Anything could happen. It's a thrill ride, in a flat, uneventful sort of a way

See you in a few months. I won't Forget You. That makes me sound like a cold-blooded, watchful killer, but no need to double-lock the door, it's just an excuse to post this:

When the blog returns, I'm definitely reintroducing Muppet Monday.


David said...


Trashsparkle said... muppets!

hope things go tickety-boo smoothly with the flat: and let us know if you accidentally get off a train behind Craig Revel Horwood and need to tell us all about it;) x

Nicky said...

I'll look forward to your return, good luck with the flat(s)

Alison Cross said...

I'll miss you! Make sure that you do come back to the blog!!!! Good luck with flat sale :-)

Ali x

Pauline said...

From an entirely selfish point of view, I'm very sorry to read this post. Your blog will be very much missed. Does this also mean that lonely gloves and deflated balloons will litter London in an unrecorded way?

Good luck with the move and please, pretty please, be back in time for Series 10 of Strictly.

Word verification is aaryi eddli, which I like to think is Sanskrit for 'hurry back'.

Nick said...

Hello Miss Jones. Hope everything's going well. I'm missing your blog!

Nick x

Miss Jones said...

Hello Nick. How nice of you to say that. Hope you are very well. x

Alison Cross said...

When are you coming back?!