Sunday, 6 July 2008

Wild at heart

To celebrate the recent birthday of Mrs Jones, today the Joneses enjoyed a rare ensemble family outing – to Woburn Safari Park, thank you for asking. And this happy, if damp, occasion gives me the opportunity to share with you my unique gift for wildlife photography.

I feel sure you will agree that the bond between subject and artist is, indeed, a powerful one.


Anonymous said...

Wait... don't tell me... that bottom one... it's a zebra isn't it?

Miss Jones said...

I'm honoured you could drop by, Mr Attenborough.


David Bellamy's Beard said...

I particularly like the ambiguity of the second from bottom - a bit like one of those optical illusion pictures.

Squint a bit, and it could be a small, mainly black, something with a rounded nose moving from the bottom left of the picture towards the top right.

Step back a bit and it's a penguin going top right to bottom left.

Miss Jones said...

That's exactly the effect I was aiming for. I like to toy with perspective and disorient the viewer. Thus we become the dumb animals. Powerful, n'est-ce pas?