Sunday, 11 January 2009

Badgers! No other title necessary!

My cockle-warmer of the day is this story of a band of plucky badgers who took on Man/The Man and won. 

They had innocently made their sett – that's badger for home – underneath a road, but evil humans (only filmed from the knees down, obviously) weren't too thrilled with the tenants' plans for a new wing comprising games room and downstairs bathroom, and tried their best to drive the badgers out. They were drugged! They were caught! They were subjected to Westlife's swing covers album until they gave in! I totally made the last one up! They were, however, eventually rehomed elsewhere.

But! The stripey-faced oppressed rose up and refused to surrender their furry civil liberties and, clearly having seen The Incredible Journey, found their way back to their underground homestead. Now work on the road has been indefinitely postponed, and the badgers can get on with their plans for a swimming pool. Dumb animals: 1. Dumb humans: 0.

Hurry up please, Pixar, and get your best people onto it.

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