Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dictionary corner part 685 (pop special)

It's true to say I could find words to fill a whole blog on the wonder of Girls Aloud, so single posts must, through necessity, concern themselves with specifics. Today: the genius of their new single The Loving Kind, and in particular, its use of the word 'disinclined' in its chorus.

In true, mainstream, dimples-and-dance-routines pop (thus discounting the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and their 'plate tectonic's), it is unusual to find words that deviate from the maybe/baby, girl/world compendium of lazy rhymes. So while 'disinclined' is not, in itself, a complicated or challenging collection of letters, it made me wonder what kind of stunned silence might have greeted its suggestion in the songwriting team's studio, interrupting the incantations of 'mind, find, kind... what else, what else?' A long one, I imagined.

Then, perhaps, a spluttering cough of gargled biscuit crumbs, or the chink of a glass being hastily set down in surprise. And the distant grind and clunk of the world spinning off its axis.

But I was missing an important piece of information. The Loving Kind was not created solely by Girls Aloud's erstwhile team of songwriters. It was co-written by The Pet Shop Boys. And with the inclusion of that deft, eleven-lettered d-word, all their languorously-voiced ennui is summoned up. Most things touched by the Pet Shop Boys carry an air of domestic drama writ large, and that, to me, is what pop music should always be about.

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