Sunday, 15 February 2009

Spring/summer 09

Post- post-operative infection, I have an exciting new bandage. My surgical stylist and I have gone for a more strappy, bondage-influenced look, while keeping the classic medical white colourway. I'm thinking Wild Boys by Duran Duran, as covered by the Jonas Brothers.

The infection was diagnosed by a very nice French locum at my GP's surgery, and I was reminded of France's historical association with farce when the end of the stethoscope around her neck swung towards me and and made forceable contact with my incredibly tender infected finger as she swooshed past to fetch some piece of equipment or other. 

(Actually, this is probably slapstick, not farce. But still, slapstick is the international language of comedy. Unfortunately. It only makes me incredibly cross. Even as a tiny child, I found it infuriating that Michael Crawford didn't just let go of the bus and come to a gentle stop against the kerb. Like, what an idiot.)

Anyway, with my directional new bandage and a fresh buffet of medication, my handwriting has progressed to the level of a promising 6-year-old, and I can now put my coat on in less than 10 minutes. Progress.


Miss Jones said...

Or better, Master And Servant by Depeche Mode, as covered by the Jonas Brothers. That is a cover version I think viewers of The Disney Channel would enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Miss Jones,
Clearly infections are all the rage for A/W 08/09 as I too have acquired one - post dental extraction. Not that I want to get infection competitive but I can report that medical mess ups in your mouth are particularly nasty as... you can taste them. Admittedly I can put my coat on. But I can no longer eat a biscuit, which is tragedy indeed.
Bakery-challenged Betty