Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What I ate on my weekend. And also on Monday

Saturday Dimly lit dessert of the week: lime pannacotta, crumbly shortbread like planes of heaven, sandwiched together with lemon curd. Comprehensively non-disappointing. Furthermore, expectation-surpassing.

Sunday: This tiger cake, made by my friend, Mrs G, for her daughter's 3rd birthday party. After last year's effort, I am now forced to pay serious attention to the creeping suspicion that instead of being my occasionally chaotic, frequently late, resolutely human friend and kindred spirit, she is actually some kind of domestic-goddess automaton.  

Monday: The Tate Modern cafe are celebrating spring with an inappropriately autumnal-looking rainbow of dips. Unfortunately, one of these is beetroot. For me, there is no vegetable more overrated. If I wanted to eat something that tasted exactly like soil, I'd... well, I would never want to do that, quite obviously. Full marks, [insert preferred school of evolutionary thought], I am frequently seduced into retrying it by its exciting colour scheme. There's still hundreds of years' work to be done on the flavour though.

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Anonymous said...

I am now feeling very inadequate. I have never baked a cake for either of my childrens' birthdays, relying instead on various supermarkets (Marks and Spencer's caterpillar cake being a particular favourite). Am I a terrible parent?