Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Biscuits + battery packets = ?

What could have caused this spectacular chocolate-digestive-and-Energizer-battery-packet fall-out on a train into London Bridge one recent Sunday?

Perhaps an elderly passenger changing the batteries on his hearing aid was so startled by experiencing the world in full surround sound again that an unexpected tannoy announcement or shrill ringtone sent him jolting into the woman next to him, who was fortifying her two young children for a day of educational yet fun activities on London's South Bank with an open packet of chocolate digestives whose contents were sent tumbling southwards by the impact.

Perhaps a fashionista on their fashionable way to Dalston, Shoreditch or similar, has found that weighing down the pockets of one's jumpsuit with batteries is the perfect way to ensure it hangs correctly. This same fashionista likes to lick chocolate biscuits, then 'accidentally' drop them on the grimy floor of the train to ensure she is not tempted to eat them.



Anonymous said...

Or, a robotic Inverdale, re-charging after a day out and finding that if Weeny-Whips are not available, digestives come a poor second.


Alison Cross said...

I think that it was a Mother what did this.

I deduce that she fed them the biscuits to keep them entertained and while they were busy getting chocolate smears over all the surfaces (and passengers), she jammed batteries into their new, very noisy toys.

They ran amok in the carriage until some business types could stand it no longer and horsed them off at Crewe.

And all that is left is this debris......

Mind you, I did think that a rolled up duvet that I found whilst out jogging had a dead body in it. But it was just empty lager tins and...erm....carefully knotted condoms.

So I'm not exactly Inspector Morse.

Ali x