Thursday, 17 June 2010

How did you know I needed you so badly?

I wasn't having a good day today. No big drama, just regular tiny pieces of hell.

Then, this evening, three steps to heaven.

1) A financial haemorrhage in the Gap and Whistles sales.

2) A new Gareth Malone TV odyssey.

3) Then [press play on taped recording of celestial choir singing Hallelujah or similar], picking up an inauspicious A5 envelope off my doormat and seeing this glide out of it:

You can read about my love of the Lambeth Country Show here, here and here.

This booklet details all the competitions you can enter at the 2010 show – floristry, fruit modelling, baking and beyond. Below I have listed my two particular favourites from this year's themed categories, and if the very thought of them does not fill you with joy, then you can just walk away now. We may pass each other in the street from time to time, but we will not speak. We will be strangers from this day on.

The Scarecrow competition 2010: Stars from film, music and stage.

Floral art exhibits on the theme of the Olympics. Class 65: Synchronised swimming


Fi said...

Dear Miss Jones, and fellow Lisa Jewell fan.

As an attendee of many country shows both the Scarecrow competition (with theme) and Floral Exhibit (with theme) fill me with joy and anticipation! If only I didn't live in New Zealand I could participate!


Miss Jones said...

Hi Fi! I will attempt to report back on both competitions after the show so you will not miss out, despite your great distance from south London. x