Sunday, 25 July 2010

Niche posting

You should only read on if you were a follower of sci-fi-inspired game shows in the early to mid-80s.

Still with me? Oh, one or two of you. Good.

Here we go.

It's nice to know that Uncle from The Adventure Game is still alive and well. While reduced to travelling by underground these days, admittedly.

Gronda, gronda, etc.


Blathering Brenda said...

I hope you slipped the old fella a couple of Drogna for a green cheese roll... I'm mighty relieved to see he's got over that teapot phase he went through.

Miss Jones said...

Loving your work, Brenda. x

Robert Hudson said...

Doog yrev.

On a barely-related note (old telly), I played cricket yesterday. Last year at this game, one of the four spectators was Celia Imrie. This year: Benjamin Whitrow. Most people won't know who Benjamin Whitrow is, except for most women I know aged between 32 and 45. He played Mr Bennett in the Colin Firth P&P. He was watching his son. His son is about 15. Fair play, Benjamin Whitrow. (Terribly nice, both of them.)

David said...

The Adventure Game, the Red Salamander, Eyb-Doog. Weekday evenings and my mums home made hamurgers (far too many onions). Nostalgia flashback like a punch in the arm.

When I do my uncle impression, people stare at my in wonder/disgust.

Its good to know I am not alone.

Miss Jones said...

Never alone, David.

Anonymous said...

My favourite ever show, although it always left me a bit confused. Never could get to grips with the money and the clue Richard of York gave battle in vain (which of course is the mnemonic for remembering the colours of the rainbow). Bring it back, I'd love to tackle the Vortex.