Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sights That Make Me Want To Go Home, Put On A Cardigan And Some Nick Drake And Think Mawkish Thoughts About All The Needless Destruction In Our World

(No.460 in a brand-new series)

The chopped up piano, pavement-marooned, ready for rubbish collection.

Percentage chance that I would already be wearing a cardigan: 97

Percentage chance that I would already be listening to Nick Drake*: 2

Percentage chance that I would be listening to either The Essential Neil Diamond, The Look Of Love by ABC or the
Footloose soundtrack: 93

*On my iPod, obviously, being out on the street and all.


legend in his own lunchtime said...

Just needs a raggy eared and well worn teddy sitting on top to complete the forlorn picture.

Shrimptowers said...

Maybe Tamsin was a pianist and Steve was taking his revenge for being stood up.

Miss Jones said...

LIHOL - *Sob*

Shimptowers - Brilliant! Yes! And now maybe Steve can finally move on...

Simon said...

It's like the harmonium in Punch Drunk Love. You should rescue it, start collecting puddings, and find love in Hawaii.