Monday, 27 September 2010

Melancholy Muppet Monday

Well, I don't know about you, but I could do with some cheering up. Even though I have just come back from choir and it is always a tonic, and we are learning Rehab, which is brilliant, the need for cheering remains.

Thank goodness for our occasional regular feature – so occasional it has only appeared on one occasion – Muppet Monday.

I think I may have posted this clip before, as a link, but never mind because a) this is my blog, b) this is my bad mood, c) it is one of my favourite ever songs, whether it is on the
magical Muppets record of my childhood, or the Ella Fitzgerald albums my dad gave me when I was older.

In terms of sentiment, it is pretty much the opposite of needing to be cheered up. It proceeds from a position of already feeling massively cheered, but I am going to invoke either the power of positive thinking or total dislocation from reality.



As I may have posted the above on a previous occasion, here is a back-up. It is a more thorough exploration of the whole cheering process. I mean, really, it takes you right through it. And it has Gonzo in it.


ktuk said...

I know I should be focusing on the Muppets, but instead I am focusing on Rehab. Are you... a show choir?

Miss Jones said...

Ha! No. Definitely no. More of a community choir. But it is the Glee version of Rehab we are learning, which is to say it's faster with added exuberant shouting. We're thinking about cutting out the exuberant shouting.

Alison Cross said...

Gonzo is my favourite ;-)

Sounds like a cool choir.

Did I tell you the cookies arrived and I had inhaled them in about 10 mins with a mug of coffee.

Delicious - thank you for sending them.

Must get recipe off you :-)

Ali x

Cx said...

Please will you suggest Blue Skies (Muppet version natch.) as the next thing you learn at choir?