Friday, 3 September 2010


Hello, how are you? Very well, I hope. If you are a highly strung quizzer, you will be totally psyched to learn I have posted the answers to the ludicrously hard 1959 BBC Children's Annual quiz for deaf children in the comments thread for that particular post.

There is no prize. Which is probably just as well as there was no clear winner. Hmm. I do feel slightly guilty about this though. If you entered, or left any kind of comment on the quiz post, would you like some biscuits like these? They won a prize themselves once, way back in the heady Indian summer of 2009. You don't have to, obviously. Don't feel obliged or anything. It's no big deal. After all, what am I to you? No more than words on a screen, a stranger. But if you would, send me an email by clicking on the 'Contact me' link somewhere to the left, let me know your address and I will send you some. I promise I won't use this information for ill, or drop round unannounced. I'm really pretty lazy so you can be sure neither of these things will happen.

I will try to learn some lessons from the last time I posted biscuits to people. These lessons may involve bubble wrap. Also – and I'm not proud of this – I still owe the lovely Hel some from a year ago, after a catastrophic email fail. (Hel, if you're reading, let me know if you're at the same address).

I will repeat the lucky dip offer from last year. If you're the first non-commenter to email me, you will also get some biscuits. I don't think that's exactly a lucky dip. That's more first come, first served, but I'm extremely tired and I have to go to Banbury very early in the morning.

Previous applicants need not apply.

You have two weeks to contact me. Then the baking will happen. It won't happen next weekend, as Strictly Come Dancing starts, and I have to go on an owling excursion. It would not be unreasonable for you to expect some kind of report on both those happenings in the coming weeks.

I think that's it then.

Good night.


Alison Cross said...

I never say no to biscuits.

They are just about my most favourite way to pass time (other than fantasising about Johnny Depp getting lost in darkest Scotland and finding me and ...well, let's just draw a veil over the rest)

Ali x

Frances said...

As a previous biscuit recipient, I highly recommend these biscuits, especially the getting them delivered to your house bit.

But remember, biscuits you get from the internet are officially known as 'cookies'.

David said...

I am reading your blog on the rough side of a bottle of wine and in my current state cannot fathom if I am or am not entitled to biscuits.

My deepest fear is that I am not.

A life without (free) biscuits is indeed a sad life.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Thank you so very much Miss Jones, that has cheered up my Monday no end.(I am still at the same address, yes.)


Miss Jones said...

David, are you the David I sent biscuits to before, who made an amazing Facebook gallery of them? If yes, then I'm sad to say it may not be your turn this time. Unless, of course, the take-up is very slow, in which case I will be handing them out on the street.

Hel, I am a woman of my word....... eventually.

David said...

Miss Jones, I am he and woe is me.

Shrimptowers said...

Miss Jones, am I allowed to proxy my potential biscuit 'entitlement' to David? I hate to see anyone in a state of woe. Particularly when there was wine and a facebook gallery involved.

Miss Jones said...

As you wish, Shrimptowers. David, you have an enigmatic yet kindly benefactor. I love a happy ending.