Friday, 5 August 2011

In Which I Initially Think I Am A Great Creator Of Comics, But Subsequently Realise I Am Missing The Requisite Skills In At Least One Key Area

It's only taken me about five years, but I've finally got round to playing with the make-a-comic-strip application on my computer. Life may never be the same again. I can describe the moment I realised its capabilities thus:

It brings an extra frisson to a lame-ass Friday-night post about coming out of London Bridge station one morning and realising I am walking behind a woman with hypnotic eye tattoos on her back.

(Click to enlarge, people. Click to enlarge.)

Unfortunately I only took one photo, and seeing as I have no illustration skills whatsoever – THANKS, GOD – I can take the adventure no further. However, I like the idea that the woman – let's call her Maureen – has absolutely no clue that the Mad Controlling Eyes Of Power have been tattooed on her back. She only went in for the word 'Barry' in Chinese symbols. Yet suddenly Maureen is controlling a city of innocent humans, literally with her back turned, her Mad Eyes propelling the masses towards acts of extraordinary evil. The question is, who is controlling her?

And how will she react when she opens her front door one day to put the recycling out and finds a large armed response team waiting for her in the front garden, size-12 boots playing havoc with the rockery?

Can Maureen help them to save the world she has almost destroyed?


Mo said...

Ha what a brilliant post, As a Maureen I am currently eyeing up the (20yr old) Winnie the pooh tattoo on my right arm with suspicion!!!

David said...

the summer cold line made me laugh out loud, loudly. thanks for cheering me up.

jaljen said...

Utterly gross. As good an advertisement for not having tramp stamps as ever I have seen.

And the 'summer colds' is a gem.

Alison Cross said...

I can feel a new blog coming on for you - random pictures of people being turned into cartoons. It's a winner. Scary eyes to have tattooed on to your back. What's that all about?

Ali x