Sunday, 2 August 2009

Stupid posh men

Hello, middle-aged man in navy blazer and pinstriped shirt, standing behind me at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre bar on Friday night, thrusting your vile self forwards by shoulder-barging my mother, 65, out of the way, then lunging your arm over my shoulder and waving your £20 note across my face in an attempt to be served before me, even though I had been standing there an awful lot longer, as evidenced by the fact that I was actually in front of you. Yes, you, calling for the bartender's attention as though she was some deliquent canine. I never knew it was possible to be simultaneously summoning and dismissive. I imagine this to be a source of pride to you.

Hello, different middle-aged man in blazer and pinstriped shirt, same repulsive air of superiority and entitlement, two bouffy-haired, Fauntleroy-style sons in tow, at the door of the Albert Hall on Saturday night, ignoring the queue of rain-blasted people waiting patiently to have their tickets checked, and striding straight to its head. Yes, you, talking loudly to the increasingly flustered but admirably principled usher about how your wife is ONE OF THE SINGERS tonight and you HAVE TO get to Box 3, then responding to their meek and very polite request that you go to the appropriate entrance for that box, or indeed the stage door, with an immediate demand to SEE THE MANAGER.

You are both bastards.


Anonymous said...

'Bastards' is too kind.

The word has asense of underlying malice that in some circumstances could be admired.

You need a word that hones in on the smallness and childishness of the target, on their unrecognised insignificance.

I'd suggest 'wankers', instead.

Anonymous said...

Miss Jones, these men are simply the failures of the public school system; thankfully offset by the occasional likes of thespy Damien Lewis, who is well known for exemplary Etonian manners.

Lady Cx
P.S. One of the female singers is sister of an acquaintance, hope her husband was not your second offender!