Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A Lynda Day Makes The Doctor OK. Or something

I read today on the Media Guardian website that Steven Moffat has been confimed as the new lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, succeeding Russell T Davies in the role.

Le Moffat has written several episodes of
Doctor Who over the last few series. Other bloggers would be able to tell you with lightning recall which ones they were, and whether he's well qualified for his new job. If you ask me, the best qualification Steven Moffat has for anything is that he wrote Press Gang, the most excellent children's drama series in the history of the world.

The next question is will David Tennant go with RTD too? Or will he go with R2D2? Ha! No, but if he does, who could possibly replace Tennant and his family-friendly face? 

I will tell you. 

Steven Moffat should look no further than Julia Sawalha, reprising her role as Lynda Day, tough-talking, cardigan-favouring editor of the Junior Gazette, but now reincarnated as the first ever lady Doctor. She would be AWESOME. Lynda was academically brilliant, a take-charge kind of gal, but emotionally retarded – perfect for the rootless time-traveller swooping through the dimensions, never quite belonging. Imagine her indignantly facing down the Cyberman with only a bout of hiccups betraying her terror.

I have long been a disciple of Lynda's. As an impressionable youngster, she was my style icon. Where she, in her flippy skirts, heavy shoes and patterned shirts, led, I attempted to follow. Nearly 20 years later, I don't think I have strayed far from the path that much. And as I think about it, I still have pretty much her haircut.

Failing that, I would settle for Paul Bettany. Thanks.

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