Tuesday, 27 May 2008

News from the confectionary coalface

Snack fans, I discovered this today:

It is a Green & Black's Organic Nut & Seed Cereal Bar dipped in 70% dark chocolate. 

It is the most excited I have ever been in Holland & Barrett by quite some distance. And I think we all know Holland & Barrett is, on any day, a pretty exciting place.

With an all-hits-no-filler concentration of nuts and sweet stuff, and the plainest of all edible plain chocolate,  it has the finesse of a Florentine, without the wretched candied peel insidiously lurking. Yet it has the bulk and backbone of a flapjack. 

The Jones jury gives it a very affectionate 8.5 out of 1o.


Anonymous said...

Miss Jones, not only are you funny but you are also informative. With my wheatfree diet (and conviction that plain chocolate must in some way count as a health food) this sounds like my perfect snack.


Miss Jones said...

Miss Rose, I am extremely sorry to report that there is a small quantity of wheat flour involved. It is quite low on the list of ingredients, but still, it is there. I cannot lie.

I'm sorry if I misled you in any way.


Marbury said...

It's confectionEry Miss Jones, as well you know.

I have a delicious snack for you:


Miss Jones said...

I'm very sorry, not to say ashamed. I can only assume I was totally jazzed on sugar and not quite in my right mind.

That IS a delicious snack. I thank you very much for it.

Miss Jones said...
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