Thursday, 19 June 2008

Introducing The Special Jones Award For Enthusiasm

I may have said it before, but it was at least a month ago. As qualities go, enthusiasm is one of my very favourites. 

Today, I opened a book of stamps I'd bought days ago, to stick a couple on the most mundane of correspondance. But the very sight of them lit me up a little inside. Last week, in Marble Arch post office, the man who had sold them to me had responded to my request for a book of first class by taking the trouble to open up the booklet and press the insides against the glass dividing us. 'Look! They are special ones. See?' he beamed. And they were. Two giant images of fully flaked-up 99s, dwarfing the queen's-head rank and file.

I have scanned them in for posterity, using scanning technology and a scanner. Full marks for brain-buckling use of perspective in your work, stamp-design robots.

The point is, my friendly vendor (friendor?) was so genuinely pleased to be showing me this small ray of novelty, and not in a half-hearted 'Has anyone told you about the post office's travel insurance?' kind of way. And as a result, he is the first ever recipient of the Special Jones Award For Enthusiasm In Otherwise Humdrum Quarters (SJAFEIOHQ – an acronym to live in the brain, if ever there was one). Have a certificate, sunny Marble Arch P.O. Operative, and a little piece of my heart.

I am feeling more sentimental than usual today.

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