Friday, 6 June 2008

This doesn't mean I'm watching it

I'm very glad that Michael/'Mikey' is in the Big Brother house, as I had been wondering what had happened to the lead singer of the Frank & Walters.

Best ever pronunciation of an Irish 'T' in the whole of pop music.


Catda said...

You are so correct about Mikey's former life as the lead singer of the fabulous The Frank & Walters - not that I'm watching it either - just watching the opening night doesn't count does it?

Miss Jones said...

It totally doesn't count.

Of course, had we been tuning in regularly, we would surely have heard Mikey whistling Fashion Crisis Hits New York in the shower on a regular basis.


Miss Jones said...

Hmmm. I have just listened to Fashion Crisis Hits New York, and the second line goes:

'I saw a blind man, he was eating his fork....'

Case rested.