Monday, 30 June 2008

Miss Jones's Jones Of The Week…

…number 2 in an occasional series.

Harriet Jones, former PM, taking one for the universe on Saturday night*.

[I have, of course, modelled her crown on that of King Edred, who reigned circa 946-955, and was known as 'weak-in-the-feet'.]

Not to be confused with…

Harriet Jones, Young Miss Jones The Younger. PM circa 2040.

[*Should HJ PM return to seal the Doctor's downfall in some way on Saturday, the honour will not be revoked, due to the all-conquering wonder of Penelope Wilton.]


Big brother said...

Harriet Jones, Young Miss Jones The Younger was delighted to learn of the existence of a Harriet Jones in Doctor Who. Doctor Who is the de rigeur role playing playground game for her reception class - although her viewing experiences have been confined to a single episode whilst away at a 'sleep over', which itself led to a little post-traumatic stress. Alas that is one more episode than I have watched in the last 25 years, so was unable to respond to the question as to whether Harriet Jones, former PM, is/was a "goodie" or a "baddie". Within the constraints of that bipolar classification, could somebody please clarify - if nothing else to avoid me looking uncool in front of the kids.

Miss W said...

I have been asked by Miss Jones to respond to your query re: the goodness or otherwise of Harriet Jones, Prime Minister. I have to warn you that we are dealing with a fairly high level of moral complexity, but I understand that Harriet Jones, Young Miss Jones The Younger, is very advanced.

On the whole, Harriet Jones, PM is A Goodie. She first appeared as Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North and was very plucky and resolute in dealing with some aliens. She then reappeared in The Christmas Invasion, having become PM in the interim and was, again, A Goodie.

HOWEVER. At the end of that episode, after The Doctor had triumphed over the alien invaders in hand-to-hand combat (during which he actually lost his hand AND THEN REGREW IT making it technically hand-to-hand-to-hand combat) and forced them to take their alien spaceship and sling their hooks, Harriet Jones PM used the (at the time) mysterious Torchwood weapon to blast the ship out of the sky - even though it was beating a relatively peaceful retreat through the stars.

The Doctor didn't like this, being a big wuss, and told Harriet Jones, PM so. She said she had to protect the Earth and couldn't be sure that the aliens wouldn't return, or tell their alien chums to come and have a go. The Doctor didn't agree and engineered Harriet Jones, PM's downfall. At that time, we were supposed to see her as verging on being A Baddie, although probably one with good intentions.

But now she is back as Harriet Jones, ex-PM and she's very much A Goodie again.

So, in short, she is A Goodie, but not a boring one.

Miss Jones said...

You can trust Miss W implicitly in this matter. She is extremely responsible and has met John Barrowman IN REAL LIFE.

big brother said...

Miss W - I am indebted to you for your comprehensive explanation which, with a little paraphrasing, I am confident Harriet Jones, Young Miss Jones The Younger will have little difficulty assimilating. She will be particularly gratified at the role taken by Harriet Jones, PM in dealing with the offending aliens, as from my limited observations dealing with aliens is a prominent scenario in the afformentioned role play. I may, however, have to tread carefully around the issue of the Doctor being a "big wuss". The role of Doctor Who is often taken by the on/off boyfriend of Harriet Jones, Young Miss Jones The Younger - and I fear such an assertion may cause offence.

Miss Jones - you make a bold assumption that I know who John Barrowman is (which thanks to the power of Google I now do).