Friday, 5 September 2008

Hello Kampala!

While I am now a blogging grand dame of 100 posts and more, I still feel like a rookie most of the time. From observing the big kids in the playground, it seems to be a rite of passage to post at least once about the quirks of your blog statistics. And so while this is a predictable outing, please indulge me - it has been a long week.

One of the things I can tell, using deranged internet science, is that there are a surprising number of people in the world who are googling David Batty. Another thing I can tell is where in that crazy world people are coming from to visit my virtual corner of it. Was that sentence in the right order? Technically, perhaps not. As I said, a long week. Anyway, who would ever have believed that after the predictable ol' UK and USA, I would be getting the most blog tourists from Uganda. Uganda! Sending me more traffic than the far more proximate France, or the famously friendly Canada. It sends quite the international frisson through my provincial world of baking and bad shoes, let me tell you.

So in short, hello Uganda. Two words I wasn't expecting to be saying a few weeks ago.


The Flying Shrimp said...

A splendiferous fact. Have you ever considered setting up a Twin Blog arrangement with some like-minded individual from Uganda (is 'Why Miss Matanda...' already online and amusing her own nation with the obscure and absurd?) It could be a whole new fad to sweep the internet. Or not.

Miss Jones said...

This is a wondrous idea, Agent Shrimp, and I'm sure just the beginning.

I am already looking forward to a correspondent from 'Warum Frau Huber…' in Austria filling me in on how to make the perfect sachertorte, and so on. x

Amrita said...

Hi, I would be one of the Kampala ones. I'm sadly back in the UK now so I'm afraid that you have one less Ugandan (but really British) reader.

Miss Jones said...

Uganda or UK, I am very glad to see you wherever you are x