Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tears of a clown

I don't have much to say on the subject of Strictly this week. I am entirely deflated. Seeing Anton's look of utter dejection – the expression of a younger man realising he'll never get to dance with the popular girl at school – was almost too much to bear. You will never see a Rachel Stevens or an Alesha Dixon – or even a Christine Bleakley – dancing with an Anton Du Beke. That's just the way the world works. We've all seen Pretty In Pink. I, however, would always pick a Duckie Dale over a Blaine (a major appliance, not a name etc). And this week, even before tonight's elimination, I decided that when I am a contestant on Strictly – dream big, right? I would like Anton as my partner. 

Or Matthew, or course. Everyone loves Matthew. Yesterday I found an extra reason to adore Le Cutler when I saw him singing along to the music he was dancing to. I always find myself doing this, and had previously thought this may prove to be a barrier to my career in professional dance. Happily I was wrong. Hi, is that the Royal Ballet School? We need to talk.

Anyway, last night Miss W drew my attention to the way that the ever-amorous Vincent was planting kisses along the length of Rachel's arm. Smooth moves, Vincenzo. But – rumbled! – I think I know where you're stealing them from…

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miss w said...

It's actually making me warm to vapid pop puppet Rachel Stevens a bit, the fact that she has to put up with Vincent 'Lips and Hips' Simone. Did you notice in the professional dance he did to the Sugababes song in the results show that he was stroking his own torso in a quite unnecessary manner. I'm sure Brian and James weren't doing that.