Monday, 22 September 2008

There are no words

I must share something with you, so you can feel as soiled as I do at this time. I am nothing if not giving. 

If you sell your soul to Facebook, you inevitably end up making friends with people from your past who you were never particularly close friends with when you were at school together. I have several 'friends' who fall into this category.

One of them has genuinely just posted this status update.

'[NAME OF FRIEND] has just heard of female circumsision.....any one had it? LOL never knew it excisted'

This is truly a new personal low.


Anonymous said...

That is disturbing – please tell me there is a sane explanation for the acronym LOL in that sentence?

Ms Rose

Miss Jones said...

I fear not. I think it is indeed the ghastly text-speak acronym you can barely conceive of.