Monday, 16 March 2009

'Deep, deep chocolate…'

Today there was a late entrant to Friday's bake sale. A Rice Krispie cake cemented not with pure chocolate, or marshmallow and toffee, but Mars Bars. A commendable innovation, I can report, which from a distance almost lends it the paler, more nutritionally innocuous appearance of a flapjack. It is a cholesterol-peddling wolf in oaty sheep's clothing. It is obviously delicious.

You might think it would be over-egging the pudding (you see? there is an egg actually on it!) to pave the top with Belgian chocolate, then add yet more in the form of the Mini-Egg garnish. You would be wrong.

1 comment:

The Flying Shrimp said...

My chloresterol levels rose just looking at that sugar-fest of food.