Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Love's young dream. Now slightly older

Even my current mania for nostalgia has not induced me to watch Pop Goes The Band, Living TV's innovative fusion of memory-lane music programme and makeover show. 

Apart from...

I saw a trailer for this week's episode which featured 911. You remember 911? OK, you don't, but I do. I worked for a pop magazine in the late 90s which means that I can still name all the members of 911, Five, S Club 7 (but not S Club Juniors), A1 and Cleopatra (who also featured on Pop Goes The Band. Yonah, the youngest, is now a wizened 24, so it's probably about time she had some cosmetic surgery). I sometimes wish those facts weren't clinging to the surface of my brain like barnacles, disabling the part that was almost certainly destined to cure mankind's cruellest diseases and write the great SE22 novel. But they are, so let's plough on.

In that brief trailer, I saw something that gladdened my heart. The fact is, relationships between celebrities are inherently spirit-crushing to us civilians. They are sold to us as fairytales, and then the prince and princess split up six months after their hasty and expensive marriage (dear famous people, why not just go out with each other for a few years before you get married, like normal couples do). Billie Piper and Rich from Five are long parted. Shane from Boyzone is now divorced from Easther from Eternal. Hannah and Paul from S Club 7 grew apart. But look – here, in living colour, on Living TV, are pop's own Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Lee from 911 is STILL WITH Lindsay from B*Witched. Ten years after their respective number one records, they are now married and live in what looks like a lovely, modern flat. I would go further and say that they are 'very much in love'. They look at each other in a nice way.

I wonder what they danced to at their wedding. Perhaps it was this:

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