Sunday, 22 March 2009

Down in one

Snack of the week: a pint of sausage rolls, from the BFI cafe.

While I'm glad to see this kind of out-of-vogue pint glass back in employment (I am so ridiculously nostalgic at the moment. It simply has to stop. It's like at any moment, the chrysalis of my 2009 self will split and fall away, and I will emerge, permed and pre-pubescent, in a grey and pink Dash tracksuit and jelly shoes, pushing pineapples and shaking a tree), I'm not sure it is responsible to be suggesting, in its presentation, that this is a menu item that can be poured down the throat. Flakey pastry represents a menacing choking hazard, surely?


Anonymous said...

I love the way that being presented as one pint gives the impression that they are one portion. Oh lardy glory!

olle said...

Time to dig out that grey and pink tracksuit - they are rereleasing Agadoo, apparently.