Monday, 11 February 2008

Things I have genuinely heard a Virgin Radio DJ saying today:

'The chancellor... he loves a bit of tax.'

'Anyone who has the same surname as a British military hero is alright by me.'

One of the boons of my day job as a freelance drone is entering the many different, parallel worlds of daytime radio. The 80s Hour on Virgin is amazing. It's too bad The Hoosiers and Scouting For Girls are never far behind it. This was my favourite thing I heard today:

Bat Out Of Hell was very narrowly beaten into second place. Sorry, Meat. Had they played Dead Ringer For Love, my decision would have been reversed.

Some films you loved when you were 12 bear repeated watching in your 30s. St Elmo's Fire is absolutely not one of them. It's like being made to watch your own GCSE drama project.


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