Sunday, 17 February 2008

What I Think I Look Like In The Mirror When I'm Having My Hair Cut someone extremely short-sighted who has been temporarily deprived of their glasses

Gown on, hair newly washed. 
I mean, even with my glasses on, 
this really looks like me.

Hair strangely divided 
using hairdresser's geometry, 
in preparation for the 
layering process.

Mid blow-dry. Thrill! 
As the curls beginning to 
reclaim their power. 
Marvel! At the return 
of the frizz

'Thanks, I love it. 
So much better. 
Now where are my glasses?'


Anonymous said...

You flatter yourself my girl! Your loving godmother

mlh79 said...

It's May 2010 and I'm commenting on a post you wrote in 2008. Yes, I'm reading your blog from the beginning - I like it *that* much!

The Alan Rickman pic just made me actually laugh out loud (sorry, lol) - that could be a photo of me from last Saturday in the hairdressers. I was sitting there, after the hair wash, thinking "these lights aren't doing me any favours" and wondering when I developed the milk-white skin of a vampire. It didn't help that the stylist has a lovely natural-looking tan, whereas I appear to have not left the house for about 5 years (I have, though)...

Miss Jones said...

Aww, thanks. Hope you enjoy it! x