Saturday, 16 February 2008

'This single 30something needs Burneze – STAT!'

Apologies to readers of a sensitive disposition, but squeamishness cannot stand in the way of medical progress.

I have sustained what The Lancet are calling History's Most Spinsterly And Middle Class Injury. I burnt my decolletage with a cup of herbal tea. It has surpassed 'Really Bad Sunday Supplement Paper Cut', 'Extreme Allergic Reaction To Cat Hair' and 'Severe Bruising Sustained From Slipping In New Season Olive Oil' to become the archetypal example in its field. Science will remember this day.


Miss W said...

Miss Jones you make me laugh. Also, we have the same dress.

Miss Jones said...

I think that when I bought this dress it was a watershed in the venn diagram of the miss j/miss w wardrobe (this comment is bought to you by Mixed Metaphors Inc). By this I mean the graduation from coincidentally buying the same things or mere impotent envy to 'You've got that. I want it. Where's it from? I'm just going to buy it anyway.'