Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Happy birthday

It is Jones major's birthday today. Happy birthday, Jones major, over-38s record holder in the long jump for Biggleswade Athletics Club*, from Jones minor (Miss).

Please observe how on trend I once was in my patent Mary-Janes from the Start-rite atelier. Also, I appear to have once possessed the chicken legs of Amy Winehouse.

*Awaiting official IAAF ratification.


Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute!

– Rosy

Big Brother said...

I feel I should qualify my 'record breaking' achievement in case it be investigated by the IAAF and threaten my eligibility for 2012. Namely:
- I am not technically a member of Biggleswade Athletics Club (yet)
- They don't have an over-38s long jump record (veterans records kick in at 40)
- I was not technically over-38 at the time of the event
Other than that, it all seemed above board...

Miss Jones said...

Do you think Ben Johnson worried himself with this kind of detail?