Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Happy hour again

Many years ago, I upgraded my most beloved cassettes to CD format. And recently, with the premiership long since taken care of, I've turned to the lower divisions of my tape collection, now that their CD cousins are ubiquitous enough on eBay to sell for less than the price of a KitKat. So today I enjoyed a belated reunion with this:

The years have been kind to it since I was presented with my first CD player, and faithfully promised the tape-bound NTWICQG  it wouldn't be long till we met again in a new technological dimension. That was a lie, of course, it was almost 20 years, but I'm confident we can put our years of separation behind us. I wonder when I will feel overcome with sufficient nostalgic fondness to upgrade Keep Your Distance by Curiosity Killed The Cat or Turn Back The Clock by Johnny Hates Jazz.

On my way home from work, I am 93% sure that I saw Sebastian 'Lord' Coe walking down Berwick Street in Soho. This is not a place I would ever expect to see Sebastian Coe in his camel-coloured overcoat. Places I would expect to see Sebastian Coe include: a garden party, Austin Reed, Kloisters, Putney. Sebastian Coe's middle name is Newbold. I found this unaccountably hilarious as a child when I first discovered the fact many many years ago in my brother's Guinness Book Of Records. I disliked him, even then. Coe, that is. Not my brother. He's nice.

Simon has sensationally been fired from The Apprentice, despite being marked out as an early favourite. By the end, his mistake was blindingly clear. In his black-cab exit interview he said he gave 100% to the mission. The first thing they teach you at the Business Academy For People Who Pledge To Sell Until The Surface They Are Selling On Literally Bleeds is that you have to give 110%. Idiot.

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Big Brother said...

The strength of your youthful aversion to Mr (now Lord) Coe did not go unnoticed. Sebastian was on a very short-list of boys names your sister in law had in mind during her early pregnancies. Up until the 'scan' I feared for the health of the auntie-nephew relationship.

Still, I thought Marion had quite a good retro feel, as well as a family connection and an association with another (then) athletic icon. A lucky escape for one of the one Miss Joneses there then....