Saturday, 2 August 2008

Patisserie Jones presents…

There has been baking in the Jones kitchen. 

The latest in an ongoing series entitled Cakes That Look Like They May Have Been Decorated By Contestants On The Generation Game, this is my Cake For A Fish Lover.

Who needs a diploma in sugarcraft when you can buy a packet of jelly sweets from Marks & Spencer and hamfistedly push them into some still-compliant icing?


The Flying Shrimp said...

Simply splendid! It reminds me of my favourite cake I used to make as a child - the chocolate hedgehog. One sponge cut in half and sandwiched with copious amounts of chocolate butter icing. Stand on its flat side - smother with even more chocolate butter icing, stick in blanched almonds to represent spines(or chocolate buttons if in chocolate overload mode), choc buttons for eyes and lo a feast of artery clogging deliciousness awaited!

Miss Jones said...

In my last proper full-time job, we had a festive bake-off one year. My chic, understated Christmas fairy cakes were beaten into second place by just such a chocolate hedgehog, garishly clad in an attention-grabbing marzipan Santa hat. It still rankles.