Monday, 11 August 2008

The Temptations Of TK Maxx

Dig if you will, as Prince once said, the picture. You are shopping in Lewisham, in one of its many knock-down, cut-price shopping palaces. To be specific, you are in the Temple Of TK Maxx. You have in your hands a piece of Alexander McQueen. Proper actual McQueen. Not McQueen for Topshop. Not McQueen stitched by destitute Chinese orphans and sold by ruthless agents of deception on Ebay. The genuine article, in your increasingly damp grip. And that is not all. There is more jammed onto the rails in front of you. And it is reduced by 80 whole per cent. 80! 

What is the catch? You must, I'm afraid, be willing to channel Raisa Gorbachev as a style icon

Or a look that I'm calling Rodeo Cher.


The Flying Shrimp said...

Oh come on...I can't wait til tomorrow. Which one did you plump for? :)

I thought the leather number would have looked particularly nice over that little tartan dress that featured not so long ago on these august (stress on the second syllable) pages.

signed, your humble other readership of 'ones'

Miss Jones said...

On a follow-up visit to the mighty Maxx today, I discovered the best non-selling McQueen yet - a floor-length tan sheepskin coat that was half Motson, half Agnetha. Two of my favourite fashionistas brought together at last.