Thursday, 2 October 2008

Give me just a little more time

I'm having a busy time of it at the moment which – and let's be perfectly honest about this – is not like me at all. It's only temporary, but this week, too much work and a modest amount of play have turned me into a sloppy blogger. 

If you are a budding writer, you are encouraged to start a blog and 'blog' every day – something, anything – just to ensure your puny writing muscles are being put through their paces on a regular basis. [Can I parenthese at this point and reiterate my loathing for 'blog' as a verb. It is way up there with 'golf' and 'holiday' in the Doing Words Chamber Of Horrors. Also 'parenthese', which I, Miss Jones, have just verbed right up without a care. Look at me, I'm a grammar maverick. Consistency? Tell it to someone who has the time. And who believes that semi-colons are still worth it.]

I am someone who likes writing, but who finds it hard to communicate more than one thing from my head to the parts of my body that carry out stuff at one time. And this week, my brain is heaving with full-time work, freelance work and the thought of having 50 fairy cakes to bake and ice as part of my ongoing plans for world domination. When is a feeble-minded fool like me meant to get any blogging done? How does anyone find the time? (Marbury, of course, is some kind of freakish, time-expanding blog-bot.)

Also, I like to work out my puny writing muscles on the parallel bars of the blog when there is something I want to say on it. There is little, at the moment, on account of the other stuff hogging all the seats in my head. As I've said before, I would like to spare you from the likes of 'On the way home from work today I bought some cheese. Isn't cheese expensive?' Even though it really is, and somebody with more time on their hands than me should look into that.

Likewise, as I've mentioned before, YouTube clips seem to be a quick-fix solution for time-pressed bloggers everywhere. Another solution, however, would appear to be the MeMe. In the blogging world, this is essentially some manner of questionnaire which you fill in, publish on your blog and, as you do so, pass some kind of cyber-baton onto another blogger, and thus a bastard, blogging chain-letter is born. The boon of the MeMe is that you need precisely zero content ideas to fill it in. You just follow the prompts. One of the popular MeMes seems to be a very long list of exotic and adventurous food items, which you annotate in various weights of font, depending on whether you've tried it, liked it, would never, etc. Since I am in no way famous, especially not as a gourmand, I imagine you, the reader, care very little about whether I've ever tried alligator or not. I once ate a pigeon spring roll at a book launch but only as a last resort. I was so hungry, it was honestly a matter a survival. Ultimately, I can encapsulate my answers to this particular MeMe for you in a few lines when I say I am essentially a wary 74-year-old trapped in the lithe body of a 34-year-old. I fear change. I respect the classics. I have not travelled widely. 

Aren't you glad I saved you the bother of reading the rest?

Really, when I don't blog, it is only because I am thinking of you.

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