Sunday, 26 October 2008

Everything starts with an E

Now that the clocks have changed, it's creeping towards the time of year when people who honestly believe these things are important start making lists of their favourite records of the year. I can never remember what was released from one year to the next, but I am both sure and certain that in 2008 I have loved Vampire Weekend a lot.

I have just returned from seeing them at the Kentish Town Forum and, despite the Sunday Evening Special obstacle course set for us by London Transport, the evening was a wild success.

Vampire Weekend's singer is the kind of hyper-literate, curly-haired college boy that's catnip to the likes of me. In particular, I love the way he sings with his head slightly inclined, earnestly annunciating his lyrics, and occasionally employing a wagging finger for emphasis, as though he is reading a story to a group of infants sitting on a carpet in front of him. He is a veteran of 23, an age I consider Perfectly OK for a crush object. It is genuinely and biologically impossible that I could be his mother.

Other excellent things about him: 1) his name is Ezra 2) his band performed a cover of Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac which could have charmed the imaginary birds off the non-existent trees.

E is for Ezra. E is for Everywhere. E is for excellent.


The Callaghan said...

How does it go again.

*foot tap*
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Miss Jones said...

Best 'hey hey's in pop since… The Monkees?