Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Exceedingly seasonal novelties

I'm applauding Mr Kipling for casting aside his fusty, husky, tweed-and-tombolas image and embracing both seasonal gimmicks and alliteration, with these Fiendish Fancies. 

Were I MD of Kipling Inc (a position I would like to formally declare myself available for, in the event that it should become vacant), I would have encouraged someone in a hairnet to tip a bit of orange essence into the vat of synthetic buttercream fancy-filler. As well as providing a flavoursome match for the tiger-striped visual, I think a tangy orange Fiendish Fancy would be just the ticket for people who don't find a Jaffacake quite enamel-corrodingly sweet enough. I'll be using this idea in my job application, when the Kipling board ask me what improvements I would make to the range. If you'll excuse me, I must go off and brainstorm recipe ideas around extra-bitter Lemon Slices for National Divorce Day.


The Flying Shrimp said...

Ooh nice ideas there. I was surprised to see a lack of Angel(s & Devils) Cakes on display in my local Sainsburys but I'm sure Mr K is just saving up that splendid idea for next year.

Dick Madeley said...

I've always maintained that French Fancies are never quite French enough.