Sunday, 19 October 2008

Lambs to the slaughter

America's Next Top Model, now in 'Cycle' 10 (that's American for 'Series' 10), has long operated outside the boundaries of sane broadcasting, subjecting its contestants to increasingly bizarre challenges.

This week was the most incredible I've seen yet. The girls attended a shoot in New York's Meat Packing District – anyone see where this is going? – where they were photographed in underwear and jewellery that was LITERALLY MADE OF MEAT. It took several minutes' grappling with the Sky menu to convince myself I wasn't watching an old sketch from The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer. I can only imagine the brainstorm that led to this creative breakthrough. 'Posing with live animals? Hmm, I like it, I like it… it just doesn't say total humiliation quite strongly enough…' 

Tyra? Short for Tyrant. This is now abundantly clear.

Scroll along to 1 minute 40ish to see them flash the flesh.

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